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Peachy Keen Dress - Ophia Bubblegum Collection

Peachy Keen Dress - Ophia Bubblegum Collection

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A meal for the eyes, the Peachy Keen Dress is bright and delicious!
Perfect on its own or dressed up for those colder seasons, you’ll find this dress works year-round! Grab a Bubblegum Collection bag and cardigan for an even more delicious outfit!

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  • Chest Window
  • Accompanying Belt
  • Back Zipper
  • Ophia Branded
  • From the Bubblegum Collection
  • Material 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, 95% Baumwolle, 5% Elastane
S 101cm 64cm
M 103cm 72cm
L 105cm 80cm
XL 107cm 88cm
2XL 109cm 96cm
3XL 111cm 102cm
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