Neo-Swing, Jazz, Rockabilly & Rock'n'Roll


Seven Piece 


Introducing The Seven Deadly Swings, Australia's electrifying powerhouse of swing music! Prepare to be swept off your feet as this sensational 7-piece band takes center stage, bringing you a mesmerizing fusion of Neo-Swing, Jump Blues, Rockabilly, and Deadly Rock'n'Roll. With their infectious rhythms and toe-tapping beats, these maestros will transport you to an era of vintage elegance and unstoppable energy. Led by the charismatic frontman Jake Maloney, whose vocals and dance moves ignite the stage, The Seven Deadly Swings command attention with their high-class lineup. From the pounding drums that set the pulse racing to the grooving bass, scorching guitar licks, and the harmonious melodies of trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, this ensemble crafts a sonic tapestry that will have you craving for more. Whether you're a swing enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, The Seven Deadly Swings guarantee an unforgettable experience. Their performances are a captivating journey through time, an invitation to indulge in the sheer joy of music and dance. So get ready to snap your fingers and kick up your heels, as The Seven Deadly Swings transport you to a bygone era where the spirit of swing reigns supreme. Let their irresistible melodies and infectious energy sweep you off your feet and leave you begging for an encore. Get ready to swing like never before with The Seven Deadly Swings, Australia's premier purveyors of musical enchantment!