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Dizzy Davidson

The Strays - "This is The Strays" - Original CD (2016)

The Strays - "This is The Strays" - Original CD (2016)

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15 track, original Aussie Rockabilly album by "The Strays" featuring Dizzy Davidson, "This Is The Strays" (2016). 
The Strays feature Dizzy Davidson (Vocal & Guitar), Kid Hudson (Drums & Vocals), Jake Schembri (Bass & Vocal). The "This Is The Strays" album also features Glen Matlock (Vocal), Paul Van Ross (Saxophone), Julian Aquisto (Piano) and Vincent Guglielmini (Harmonica)

CD features the following songs:
1. Runaway Kid
2. Luck Of The Devil
3. Lonesome Man
4. Pistol In My Pocket
5. Crazy Little Kitten
6. Misery Loves Company
7. City Boy Blues
8. Black Cat Woman
9. High Heel Creepers
10. Girl With The Tattooed Heart
11. I Killed My Lover
12. Hotrod Woman
13. Memphis Town
14. Voodoo Love
15. Won't Take Me Alive 

Written by Dizzy Davidson & The Strays
Recorded by Kid Hudson & The Strays

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