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Dizzy Davidson

Rumblin' Wolf - "Howlin' To The Moonlight" CD (2015)

Rumblin' Wolf - "Howlin' To The Moonlight" CD (2015)

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14 track album "Howlin' To The Moon" features a mix of originals and covers by Aussie Rockabilly Band "Rumblin' Wolf". Dazzy Davidson (Guitar/Vocal), Adam Lee (Drums/Vocal), Jade Nagy (Bass/Vocal)

The 2015 album features the songs:
1. Hotrod Woman (Dizzy & Dee Hudson/Rumblin' Wolf)
2. Rockabilly Boogie (J&D Burnette, Al Mortimer)
3. Voodoo Love (Dizzy Hudson/Rumblin' Wolf)
4. Sweet Love On My Mind (Wayne Walker)
5. City Boy Blues (Dizzy Hudson/Rumblin' Wolf)
6. Runaway Boys (Setzer, McDonnell)
7. Won't Take Me Alive (Dizzy Hudson/Rumblin' Wolf)
8. Double Talking Baby (Danny Wolfe)
9. Memphis Town - (Dizzy Hudson/Rumblin' Wolf)
10. Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
11. Gene and Eddie (Brian Setzer/Slim Jim Phantom/Lee Rocker)
12. Something Else (Sheeley/Cochran)
13. Rock Therapy (Bayer/Moore/Subotsky)
14. Jumps, Giggles and Shouts (Gene Vincent/Sheriff Tex Davis)

Recorded in 2015 at Studio D Records. 
Produced by Dizzy Davidson and Rumblin' Wolf. 
Mastered by David Attana at Studio Ignition


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